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January 2024 Market Stats and Newsletter

Stylish & Energy-Efficient: Unique Earth-Sheltered Home Delivers Sustainable recently showcased a unique, energy-efficient home cozily nestled into the earth. This Lyme, New

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Navigating the Currents: Insights into the Colorado Front Range Real Estate Market

Greetings, homeowners and potential buyers! Let's take a laid-back stroll through the recent happenings in the Colorado Front Range real estate scene. No frills, just the facts, so grab a cup of

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November 2023 Market Stats and Newsletter

REAL ESTATE NEWSIn the realm of real estate, staying updated on trends that make a property stand out is crucial. One of the shows that captures this idea is HGTV’s 'Unsellable Houses.' The

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August 2023 Market Stats and Newsletter

REAL ESTATE NEWSMikaela Shiffrin's Denver Condo Hits the MarketOne of our very own Realtors®, Ben Babbitt, is spearheading the sale of none other than Olympic gold medalist Mikaela Shiffrin's

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